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Welcome to the parish website for Clifford, Herefordshire. 

On this site you will find a wide range of information relating to the community, including a brief history of the parishupcoming events, a list of local B&Bschurch services, pictures, and details of local clubs and societies.

If you or your relatives used to live in Clifford and you are looking for help with geneaological research, please click here.

The site is updated on a regular basis, managed by Clifford parish council. It was supported initially by funding from the Herefordshire Association of Local Councils and from Clifford parish council. It is currently maintained on a voluntary basis using open source software (Kompozer and Cyberduck).  

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Upcoming events

This year's Clifford Show will be held on Sunday 12th September.

If you would like to enter here is a list of classes. Some very imaginative categories this year...

Classes for 2010


1. A hedgerow arrangement with berries ~ not to exceed 60 x 60 cm.
2. An arrangement of garden flowers in an unusual container ~ not to exceed 90 x 90 cm.
3. A flower arrangement in an egg cup.
4. 5 mixed dahlias that you have grown.
5. 3 mixed gladioli that you have grown.
6. A bowl of roses.
Fruit and Vegetables.
1. The longest runner bean.
2. The biggest accidental courgette.
3. A selection of at least 4 different vegetables.
4. 2 eating apples and 2 cooking apples.
5. A plate of autumn fruits.
6. 6 plums.
7. 4 tomatoes.
Art and Craft 

1. Something made from paper.
2. A piece of knitting or crochet.
3. Photography: a) Clifford last Winter
                       b) Summertime
4. A painting ~ any medium
5. A pencil or pen and ink drawing on a 10.5 x 15 cm. postcard.
6. Something new from something old.
Under Fives:
1. An animal made from vegetables.
2. 3 decorated biscuits.
3. A pattern made from handprints.
4. A pasta necklace.
Over fives:
1. A flower made from paper.
2. Something made from wool.
3. An edible necklace.
4. A self-portrait collage no larger than A3.
5. 3 decorated cup-cakes.

1. A Victoria sponge made to the recipe in the schedule.
2. A white cottage loaf.
3. 2 pasties.
4. 6 macaroons.
5. 3 chocolate brownies.
6. Men's class. Decorated cake of your choice.
Home Produce
1. 3 eggs.
2. Homemade alcoholic beverage.
3. Homemade cordial.
4. A jar of chutney.
5. A jar of jam.
6. A jar of fruit jelly.
7. A jar of marmalade.
Family Class
A monster made from re-cycled materials.

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Last updated: 15th June 2010