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Historical documents of Clifford and Hardwicke
This page will act as a repository of a growing body of digitised, non-copyrighted information, relating to the parishes of Clifford and Hardwicke.  

old map
Extract from a map of Clifford from 1904, showing the route of the old railway, the Clifford Castle Inn, the Post Office and various geographical features such as an old quarry, a reservoir and old clay pits.  Please click on the map for a larger version.

A 1929 farm survey record for Lower Court Farm contains the following note from the surveyor: "In an outbuilding NE of house + on SW face, near ground is a carved stone of pre-conquest date, possibly the lower part of a shaft.  The surface has interlaced pattern in low relief." 

As well as high-resolution copies of the images on this page, three CDs containing a great deal of information are freely available to interested parties from the website manager, including:
  • Farm survey records from 1929, for Priory Farm, Long House, Tan House, Harewood Farm, Lower Middlewood, Lower Castleton Farm, Upper Court, Lower Court and White House Farm
  • Old photographs, including St Mary's Church, Newton Tump, and Lower Court (see photo, above).
  • Farm survey records from 1942 for many more houses in the parish. Click here for sample record for Paddock Farm (2MB).
  • An Ordnance Survey map of Clifford and Hardwicke (and several neighbouring parishes) dating from 1904.

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